Affiliation and Association

Know How for Management Consulting works with international associates to offer you the most efficient, up to date and advanced training programmes. These tests and programmes support staff development and improve productivity.

  • Our associates in the UK are accredited by the ILM, City and Guilds and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). They service a wide variety of public sector organisations as well as a range of blue chip private companies. These organisations specialize in leadership and management programmes for managers at all levels. 
  • We have the expertise to tailor the content of courses to suit the context of the workplace. 
  • ILM courses are offered at two levels leading to Awards and Certificates. They are flexible and based on competency
  • Facilities Management programme, accredited by both ILM and the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM), is delivered jointly with our UK associates.
  • Professional development for Healthcare staff includes Customer Service, Medical Terminology for Nonclinical Professionals, the Effective Receptionist and Healthcare.

Institute of Leadership and Management

The ILM system offers an International Certification that allows employees to work whilst completing their training courses. This Certification improves productivity and can be tailor made.

Courses are available in English and can be delivered bilingually (English – Arabic).

Business Language Testing Service (BULATS)

The Business Language Testing Service is a computer-based language assessment service designed especially for organisations and individuals.

BULATS provides companies with a reliable way of assessing the language ability of employees and candidates. It fits the staff in the right language training programme.

Companies use BULATS to:

  • Evaluate the language skills of job applicants and staff
  • Evaluate language training programmes
  • Place employees in the right language training programmes

Know How for Management Consulting conducts BULATS testing in our Abu Dhabi office with fast turnaround on results, contact us for more information.

International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) Demo Test

The ICDL is a competency test that measures the ability of candidates to operate a computer and use the commonly used Microsoft suite of software.

ICDL tests 7 areas of competency:

  • Basic Concepts of IT
  • Using the Computer and Managing files
  • Word Processing: (Microsoft Word)
  • Spreadsheets: (Microsoft Excel)
  • Databases: (Microsoft Access)
  • Presentations: (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

Psytech International Limited (Personality and Ability test)

Psychometric testing is a powerful way of ensuring that the best candidates are selected by assessing their ability and preferred behavioural styles.

Psychometric Assessment is appropriate for all levels of staff from directors and senior management to fresh graduates.

Psychometric Assessment is also used for existing employees.

Know How for Management Consulting provides Psychometric Assessments for organisations throughout the UAE to help them with recruitment of employees.

We report promptly to clients providing practical, clear and concise information.

It allows organisations to:

  • Shortlist the most suitable candidates early on in the recruitment process
  • Gain additional objective information about a potential employee

Psychometric Assessment is also used for existing employees with regard to career management by:

  • Job matching and Career Development

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a worldwide used instrument. It helps you to acquire a deeper understanding of self, others and interpersonal relationships.

It provides insights into the 4 basic 'people patterns' that hold the key to:

  • Leadership and Management styles
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Career Development.

Know How for Management Consulting uses the MBTI for conflict resolution, employee development and leadership enhancement.



Contact Know How for Management Consulting for more information on our range of training courses, assessments and other career development tools.